The highest quality product combined with the shortest lead times in the industry.  These corner stones set State Metal Hose apart from all other metal hose assemblers.



How Is The Hose Manufactured?


The Tube – Water Formed Vs. Die Formed

Our hose is formed under water by water pressure because liquid under pressure pushes equally in every direction.  This produces a perfect hose tube that is equally thick in every spot.  Traditionally, metal hose is formed by oiled metal dies stamping together metal to form the shape of a corrugated tube.  This stamping results in a tube that has thin spots.  Extra material is used to compensate for these weak spots.  Unfortunately this extra material adds weight and reduces hose flexibility.  Where the dies meet a ridge line is also produced.  Die stamping also leaves grease and residue on the hose.  Contrasting the two methods, our tube is:

  • Lighter Weight
  • More Flexible
  • Stronger
  • Cleaner


The Cover

Our braided cover is applied at the factory and it’s literally braided over top of the tube.  Traditionally many metal hose companies have the braid shipped separately from the tube.  It’s then slipped over the tube when it is needed later.  The problem is this results in a looser fit.  The braid protects the tube and the tighter the fit the better.  Finally, a tight weave is also important in protecting the life cycle of a metal hose.  You simply shouldn’t see any of the tube wall beneath it.



What Quality Tests Has The Assembly Undergone?


Every State Metal Hose assembly has passed the following tests before it reaches our customers.

  • Pressure Test
  • Gas Tested for Pin Holes
  • Double Pass Welds
  • Helium Test


What Is The Delivery Lead Time?


Daily we hear about 6 & 8 week lead times from our competitors.  At State Metal Hose you won’t get some “Standard Lead Time” tossed at you.  Sure, adequate lead time is important and appreciated.  However, we’re honest about when we can and can’t deliver.  Like many companies our production schedule varies.  Know that your emergency is our emergency and we are going to treat it as such.



What Is The Finish Like?


Finishing touches are something we take great pride in.  Every hose is cleaned and polished including all welds.  All carbon steel ends are painted and assemblies are packed with care.  Our last steps are what the customers see first.



What ISO Spec Does The Hose Meet?


The manufacturing process of our hose is so unique, that it created its own specification, ISO 10380


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